Author: Paul Slovin

A Moment of Reflection and Gratitude

I wanted to use this first blog post, on our new YMCA Shared Services, Inc. website, to thank everyone that has been part of helping us get to where we are today, both our valued member YMCAs and trusted vendor partners, without whom our growth and success would not have been possible. By working together, we have been able reduce costs and improve efficiencies, allowing us to better serve those in our communities.

They say it takes a village and this village owes a great deal of gratitude to Ann Tikkanen for her vision that led to the creation of YMCA Shared Services, Inc. as well as her hard work and dedication, year after year, that has ensured YMCA Shared Services, Inc. was on and stayed on the right path, our past and present Presidents, John Ferrell, Kevin Washington and James Morton, as well as all the past and present members or our Board of Directors and our Operational Team for taking time away from their YMCAs to lend their talents to making sure our collaboration was a success.

We are thankful and very appreciative to all of the vendors and service providers that over the years have provided our member YMCAs with quality products, great service and pricing and support that has allowed our member YMCAs to do the amazing things they do better.

What we have been able to accomplish together is pretty special!