YSS Vendor Inquiry

    YMCA Shared Services, Inc. provides its member YMCAs with approved and preferred vendors that are able to meet their branches various needs for products/supplies and services.

    Our member YMCAs use YMCA Shared Services, Inc. to vet potential vendors and evaluate their ability to work with and service member YMCAs needs and ensure quality, long-lasting business relationships, we look for vendors to work with on 3 different levels; locally, regionally, and nationally.

    YMCA Shred Services , Inc. approved and preferred vendors are those that have quality products/supplies and services, highly competitive pricing, good customer service, and a sincere appreciation for the YMCA Mission and communities we serve.
    We are committed to creating a vendor network that reflects the diversity and inclusiveness of all the communities that our member YMCAs serve.

    If you are interested in becoming an approved vendor for YMCA Shared Services, Inc. please give us a call!

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