Key Benefits When Using YMCA Shared Services, Inc.

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  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    YSS implements and refines procurement practices and provides consultation for member Ys.

  • Reduce Costs

    Preferred pricing, purchasing programs and service agreements benefit our member Ys.

  • Work With Trusted Vendors

    YSS identifies and vets all vendors and service providers, member Ys give feedback and advice.

  • Save Time

    Our members take advantage of beneficial purchasing programs and initiatives while we do the legwork.


    Our member YMCAs are able to take advantage of cost saving opportunities regardless of association size or budget. All member YMCAs are able to benefit from working together with YMCA Shared Services, Inc., while still operating and remaining independent. We believe that YMCAs should always be paying the lowest price. YMCA Shared Services, Inc. holds all of our vendors & service partners to the same standards & expectations that we as YMCA staff have for ourselves.

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  • Your Opportunities for Saving

    • Apparel

      Great pricing with no minimum quantities, order, setup or shipping charges. Member Ys can set up their own custom web store for merchandise. We also manage RFPs for large scale orders.

    • Electricity, Natural Gas & Solar

      Our involvement in a multi-state, non-profit energy consortium allows our member Ys to lock in very low rates without expensive broker fees.

    • Fitness Equipment

      Our partnerships provide member Ys with great pricing and service. We also offer assistance with equipment selection, leasing, layout and renovation projects, and sales of old equipment.

    • Office Supplies

      In addition to saving member Ys as much as 32%, our program offers member Ys the convenience of online ordering and expedited delivery at no charge nationwide.

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    Our Mission

    To increase the day to day operational efficiency of our member YMCAs by reducing overhead cost to operate through vendor relationships & strategic sourcing, cost savings procedures, concentration of support functions, and innovative collaborations.

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  • We Succeed When Our Members Do

    • Who We Are

      In short, a collaboration of YMCA Associations working together to lower costs and save money. We are an independent 501(c)(3), tax exempt organization, dedicated solely to supporting YMCAs.

    • Our Board of Directors

      The YMCA Shared Services, Inc. Board of Directors is comprised of the Presidents and CEOs of each member YMCA Associations. All member YMCAs have an equal vote regardless of size or revenue.

    • Why We Do It

      We believe that through leveraging our combined purchasing power with the common goal of reducing costs, all member YMCAs will receive the best possible pricing and benefits.

    • How We Measure Success

      We considers ourselves to be successful when our member YMCAs are successful! We are proud to say that all of the associations that have joined YMCA Shared Services, Inc. in the last 5 years have saved 3 times their yearly dues within their 1st quarter of membership.


What our members are saying...

  • Mark Dengler - COO

    YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles

    YSS implements and refines procurement practices, and also provides consultation for member YMCAs.

    Mark Dengler - COO

  • Joe Weist - VP of Finance & CFO

    YMCA of Greater Hartford

    They find great ideas or opportunities that other Y's have and share them across the YSS group so we can learn from each other.

    Joe Weist - VP of Finance & CFO

  • Kathleen Walsh - COO

    YMCA of Metro North

    YSS saved us time in quoting vendors and also they saved us time when comparing pricing.

    Kathleen Walsh - COO

  • Michael Gattoni - CFO

    YMCA of Greater Providence

    Paul and Derek are great to work with and do an incredible job of negotiating favorable pricing/terms on our behalf, resulting in savings of over $100,000 per year

    Michael Gattoni - CFO